Crosscountry Tours Inc.
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With over 25 years experience in the transportation industry,
CrossCountry Tours prides itself on the operation of a safe and
professional business that consistently delivers the best quality of
service to its clients.  Supported by a dedicated team of professionals,
CrossCountry Tours is a fully licensed and insured charter bus agency.
                                                          OUR MISSION

To represent the tour and transportation industry in a manner which exhibits outstanding
quality in the selection of hotels, attractions/venues and equipment available.

Established in 1992, CrossCountry Tours is recognized by the Memphis Board of
Education , Memphis Black Presbyterian Caucus, AFSCME, and the University of
Memphis.  We are also recognized by community organizations and auxiliaries for
providing outstanding leadership in the area of transportation.

CrossCountry Tours, Inc. is competitive with other bus lines.  Our travel consultations and
advice are non-charge items to our clients.  Our rates quoted are the same, if not lower in
many cases, than the trip quotes made by other bus lines.  We work directly on a
commission basis with the individual bus lines we represent.