"Memphis and Shelby County are at the crossroads, and only one Leader has stood for Progress and Opportunity for his entire career.

As we confront the issues of Economics, Education, Safety and Inclusion for all, we look to a steady hand whose independence,

courage and wisdom have stood the test of time..."  

"Join the Movement, as we Bridge the Gap..."  Citizens-4-SC

"Now is the time for a new group of young leaders to take the reigns of real Progress and economic opportunity in

Memphis & Shelby County, led by the wisdom and accomplishments of an organization that has never backed down from a righteous
struggle, or an important fight...  

Citizens-4-SC...  the Right organization, the Right history, at the Right time."

"The economic conditions of Memphis & Shelby County should reflect the make-up of the Citizens and their aspirations." Citizens-4-SC

"We look for leadership...  real leadership, at a critical time in Shelby County and in America, and only one organization emerges that can
truly 'Bridge the Gap' between the generations and between the races..."

"Citizens-4-SC"...  Common Sense in Economics, Education & Safety...   

"Citizens-4-SC"...  The time was right now, to get it right in Memphis & Shelby County...   
  Sidney Chism
Sidney Chism